Honorarium Need
Honor Your Educator - Support Your Schools!(Central Office)

Is there a teacher, a principal or a school employee that has made a difference in the lives of your kids?  It's Teacher Appreciation Week and we wanted to give you a meaningful way to tell your educators (teachers, administrators and all school employees!) "thank you" and support our kids at the same time.  Welcome to the Honoring Your Educaator Program!

This new program is a way for parents, grandparents, mentors and friends of our students to give back to teachers by honoring them in a meaningful way!  For those interested, you may make an online gift. You will be asked to select the school in which your student attends and let us know your teacher that has made an impact! The gift will then be transferred to the school to be used by the teacher you have chosen to honor! The gift can be used to continue to benefit all students! The recipient will never know the amount of your gift, so nothing is too small or large.

You will also have an opportunity to leave a short note to your honoreded educator so they will know theya re apprecaited.  We hope this is a simple way to recognize those who invest in our students, as well as continue a legacy in their classroom for years to come!  

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